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from the weekend: starting to feel like spring

March 23, 2015

IMG_8353Happy Monday friends!

I’m kicking this week off with a new series: ‘from the weekend.’

The reason I love to take countless photos is because I believe they are the most beautiful way to treasure all the little memories that add up to make a very rich life.  I want this blog space to not only be a community where we talk about tough, honest stuff … but also a place where we can celebrate living. I’m excited to share more about my sweet little family here. I hope you enjoy a peak into our very spectacularly regular weekends. And if no one is interested … it is a great way for me to be diligent in preserving this season that keeps moving too fast !!

This weekend we enjoyed a date night out of Friday for the Tri Cities Ministries fundraiser. It was a wonderful event to help raise support for an even more wonderful organization.  This place is near and dear to my heart as I have seen the work they do change so many lives and families in our community, and on a personal level, going through counseling here is one of my most treasured experiences in this season.  I love what they do and who they are.


We also played a ton outside with our sweet Leo who is falling in love with the outdoors now that the temperature is rising … I see a lot of sunscreen application in our future as we will live outside this summer.IMG_8359




We made our first fire of the season, and grilled out together.IMG_8358


Then on Sunday we had the best kind of day that was full of people we love, in our house, eating good food, and laughing till tears.  Our best friends from Indiana came to celebrate our new season of me working inside our home, and we had such a great time that the evening ended with crying as we had to say goodbye and it never gets easier.  When you find your people, hold onto them really really tight … even if they think you’re a little nuts, at least they know you love them a heck of a lot 🙂



IMG_8344 IMG_8353



Hope you all had a wonderful time with people you love this weekend.  That’s what it’s about!

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