On Mother’s Day.

May 10, 2015


Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing momma’s out there.  It is one heck of a ride doing this whole raising a human thing … hardest and best experience we’ll ever have.

I know today means a lot of different things for a lot of different people.  Which is fitting because although there is commonality in the term ‘mother,’ the way this role looks and feels is unique to each one of us.

Some of you have lost a mother, and you’re missing her today.  Some of you hope to become a mother, and you’re longing and aching for an unrealized dream. Some of you are grieving the loss of a child, a pain I cannot begin to know, and you are wishing for that little one in your arms on this day (and everyday).

Some of you are tired, caring for a newborn who demands all of your body and energy.  Some of you are frustrated trying to raise a toddler, and keep up with the chaos of a tiny human who has more energy than I could ever have imagined (obviously, this is close to home).  Some of you are raising school age kids and juggling schedules and practices and social lives.  Some of you are raising teenagers and trying to harness hormones and emotions into a well rounded individual.  Some of you are empty nesters, missing you’re kids as they are establishing their own lives.  Some of you are experiencing the joy of watching your children become parents, and raise their family.

Whatever season you’re in, we are all profoundly impacted by this role, this person: mom.

I have friends who conceive babies just thinking about getting pregnant. I have friends who have walked the journey of IVF to begin their family, I have friends who’s babies were born in Africa and I have friends longing to have a baby.

I have friends who work full time, and part-time, ones who stay home, and some are single mommas.

and to all of you, I just want to say, thank you.  Thank you so much for how much you’re doing to raise the children God entrusted to you.  Thank you for being an example, an encourager, a listener, a companion … thank you for helping me be a momma, and raise my child, and thank you for grace.

Although, at times we do not lead with grace, I am sometimes guilty of this myself, but GRACE is what we really need.

We can be so critical.  Because we’re insecure, or tired, or jealous, or just having a bad day and haven’t had any coffee yet.

We all do this mom stuff differently, and we should.  We have unique experiences that have shaped us, and all of our children are unique as well … so it needs to look different.

But as different as we are, we can all understand the heavy honor is it to bare the name ‘Mom.’ The amazing, exhausting, joy giving title that we are privileged to hold.

So on this Mother’s Day, give some grace to those momma’s you know and love, and even the ones you don’t know. Less judgement, more understanding. Less advice, more listening. Less comparison, more celebration.

Just Grace.

(and make sure to tell your husbands to call their Mommas!  Those amazing men we married are, in part, that way because they had a mom who loved them like we love our own littles.)


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