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November 2014


on SAD.

November 21, 2014

10151871_10101784149367385_6481340408108722544_nPlease allow me to qualify something: I have seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. It’s a thing. A  real thing. I know a lot of us are not fans of the snow, and the cold, and the early sunsets … it can wear on anyone. But those with SAD understand that the dreary and cloudy skies of winter are accompanied by figuratively cloudy skies in ones mind and heart that linger through these months of less sunshine. Continue Reading…


on a funk.

November 14, 2014

1507925_10102220098601625_7184213832661439107_nThis week, I was in a FUNK! You know, the ‘nothing is actually wrong, but I just feel off and especially cranky,’ kind of funk.  Maybe it is the snow, or the plague of viruses surrounding everyone, or the fact that it gets dark so early, but all of this caused me to be quite the crank.  After three days of not being a super pleasant person to be around (sorry, Casper!) I decided I needed to shake it off!  So I …

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On highs and lows.

November 7, 2014



This week has not been bad, but is hasn’t been good. It just is what it is. I actually barely remember what the week consisted of because it feels like a blur. A blur of stuffy noses, work meetings, vacuuming, Casper traveling, grocery shopping, and Leo chasing. You know, the normal life stuff; a neutral week that started and ended without many highs or lows.

The problem with this: I love highs and lows. I love looking back on my days and remembering the moments that stand out. Continue Reading…