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January 2015

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On being fragile.

January 30, 2015


Leo_Volume_2_260(I wrote this on 9/17/14. Just after Leo’s first birthday. This week has been one of those where I constantly am stopped in my tracks by how fast my sweet boy is growing. I’m feeling nostalgic so it seem apropos to share something I wrote several months back, before this blog even started. This topic is super close to my heart, and it is interesting how this theme of vulnerability has been simmering within me for some time. I hope you can resonate with even a small part of this.)

Leo fell last night. Not just an, “I’m learning to walk almost, but still am all wobbly” kind of fall, it was actually a ‘dramatic, I may have to take my kid to the hospital,’ kind of fall. One second I’m feeding him hard boiled egg bits, talking with friends, thinking about how surprised I am that he loves hard boiled egg bits and then in a flash, SMACK! My teeny tiny baby (okay, my little one year old who still seems like a teeny tiny baby to me), is face first on the floor, in a bumbo seat, that was just a second before sitting next to me on a bench and now he is: On. The. floor. SHOOT! I hop up at lightning speed, somehow get the bumbo tray off faster than I knew was possible, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP! Leo is in my arms within seconds. Weeping! Tears rolling down both of our faces, sheer terror running through my mind … is he broken? I try to examine him while consoling him. I’m also trying to hold it together even though I want to cry as hard as he is. How did this happen? So quickly? Am I a bad mom? Does he have a concussion? Should I go to the ER? A million thoughts run through my head. Guilt and fear coupled with a desire to be strong and brave. Continue Reading…

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on truth or dare.

January 24, 2015

facing fear. rock climbing in KY. 2012.

“Truth or Dare?”

Remember that game? I spent countless hours of my childhood, sitting in a circle with my other girlfriends, late at night, eating Doritos and playing truth or dare.

What did you pick? Did have a default answer?

Mine was DARE. Almost always I chose dare. Unless I had something that I really wanted to be forced to confess, I went for the adventure. It was dangerous and a gamble, what were they going to make me do? Run around in the snow with no shoes on? Chug Coke until I puked? Call my boy crush and wait till he answered before I hung up? Whatever the challenge, I typically went for it. Truth seemed like the boring choice. The safe and calculated choice. That was not how I wanted to be perceived, even as a kid.

If we were to play that game now, as adults, what would we choose? Continue Reading…

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On thank you notes and other grown up things.

January 10, 2015


rosa-merci-thank-you-greeting-card-01_1How is everyone doing with the fresh start of 2015? We are now just over a week in and this would typically be the time when people begin to fall back into the old rhythms, habits, and routines. Are you?

As I stated in a previous post, this year is different. I’m never too crazy about making resolutions, but the start of this year came with a deep sense of anticipation that I have never experienced.

I need newness. We all do, really. This year is the year of JOY and new life! And I am bound and determined to stick with it! Whatever your goals and aspirations may be, I encourage you to join me in holding onto the hope of a new year and all that is in front of us. Continue Reading…


on joy.

January 3, 2015


Does anyone else have the “post-Christmas blues?” I may be alone in this but I have a creeping suspicion that many of you share with me in this sense of sadness that another Christmas has come and gone.

I love this time of year. I love the anticipation. I love the hustle and bustle. I love fact that you can wear gold sparkly nail polish and it is considered festive.

Truly, it IS the most wonderful time of the year for so many reasons.

Families gather around tables, new faces come through the doors of our church, strangers seem to be kinder to one another, and there is an overwhelming sense of joy surrounding all that we do.

That joy really is the best part.

Continue Reading…