on a funk.

November 14, 2014

1507925_10102220098601625_7184213832661439107_nThis week, I was in a FUNK! You know, the ‘nothing is actually wrong, but I just feel off and especially cranky,’ kind of funk.  Maybe it is the snow, or the plague of viruses surrounding everyone, or the fact that it gets dark so early, but all of this caused me to be quite the crank.  After three days of not being a super pleasant person to be around (sorry, Casper!) I decided I needed to shake it off!  So I …

…dug out all of my expensive winter running gear (which was a smart investment a couple years ago), and I bundled myself up, pretended it wasn’t 25 degrees and I RAN!  The snow was coming down, and the sun was setting and my cheeks had wind burn after two minutes, but I ran and I ran hard.


(this was taken when I was winter running while PREGNANT [and super sick] with Leo Leo!) :)!

I’m not a fair weathered runner (partly because I committed when I bought all the gear to be outside year round), but since becoming a mom, I’ve found myself being overly focused on practicality and convenience.  This is not always a bad thing, but it also can make me lazy and put me in a funk.

It was neither practical or convenient to run last night at 5pm, when there was dinner to make, laundry to do, and not to mention it was stinking cold.  BUT, I know that when I’m in a funk, one of the BEST things to do is get outside and RUN!  It doesn’t work for everybody, but 99.9% of the time, it works for  me. There is something about pushing myself hard, and being in the fresh air that gets my blood flowing and my mind/heart clear.  It recalibrate’s me. 

While running I sometimes listen to music, and other times, I just listen to my breathing.  I sometimes pray, and other times I make a mental list of all the things I’m thankful for. I sometimes meditate on the beauty around me, or I sing the lyrics to a favorite hymn over and over again in my head.  And sometimes, I just completely clear my mind and focus on being still (mentally, not physically) and calm.

Last night I listened to Sam Cooke and Etta James. I prayed. I breathed. and when I got home, like magic, whatever funk had been plaguing me, was lifted.

I cooked dinner, and had a really amazing and honest conversation with Casper (the kind where you grow a little closer because of it).  And after dinner, Leo and I had a serious dance party while Casper and Charlotte watched and laughed (well, Char just rolled her eyes and tried to nap).  Then, I slept well (which is a huge and rare gift as of late, but more on that another time), and I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, ready, and myself! 

Today is a new day, and I’m thankful to be out of my funk.

What do you do to shake off a funk?  Do share, I’d love to hear 🙂

(and the below photo was taken on DECEMBER 3, 2012! Tank top and shorts in December … can that happen again, PLEASE?!?)



  • Reply rebekah November 14, 2014 at 10:31 pm

    This is great. I totally can relate. Thanks for inspiring and I love your blog posts!

  • Reply Jill Lauren November 14, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    Thank you for sharing, Jess. You are a real and gifted writer. It is comforting knowing other people go through the same feelings. When I am in a funk I love to take a walk through the woods…usually with music. Something about the quiet nature allows me to “recalibrate” as you said 🙂

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